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Enter The High End Luxury Wedding Market

Learn tried and tested methods from industry expert and consultant of 16 years

Enter The Luxury Wedding Market - With Nehar

As long as you’re committed you will see results.


Both my membership programmes offer you weekly live training and industry advice, consultancy through my virtual drop in sessions and on-going mentoring to support your growth into the luxury wedding industry.


I don't teach the textbook stuff that anyone can find with a quick search online — I share insider secrets that only a pro knows. I show you the how and why. Teaching you what you need before you plan a wedding and the tricks to planning one successfully. How to enter the luxury market and how to succeed with high end weddings. Getting yourself booked up with weddings you love.


I also teach you how to get clients and grow your business.

My lovelies, I want to share with you the blueprint to running a successful business. How you can get clients on autopilot. How you can position yourself and grow your business so you don't have to keep this as a hobby or side-job. I want to share with you everything I did and still do that can help you have a full-time wedding business! It's a career you'll never want to change.


Are you ready?


Featured In & Awards


Ready To Be A Luxury Wedding Planner?

Want a gentle push into the luxury market? Download my free guide below and get yourself some quick wins!

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