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"I always wanted to be a wedding planner but never got round to it. In 2020 my cousin was getting married so she asked me if I could be her planner. I rushed in and said yes of course and signed up to an online by an accredited institution. I completed the course with flying colours but when it came to planning and practising what I had learnt I found the course taught me nothing. Lucky for me the national lockdown kicked in and the wedding was postponed. I used this time and found Nehar. She seemed to know her stuff and offered practical teaching too. I was reluctant about the investment, but I did it and it was a life saver! I learnt so much more in the first session with her than I did throughout my other course. I have now planned my cousins wedding ready for this summer and already have booked my first client. I've made more than the money invested already! I can't wait for the lockdown to be lifted so I can get more clients. The fact Nehar gives you access to her clients and suppliers so you can practice is like no other!"​

Sara Ahmed, London

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