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Who Am I?


I'm Nehar (pronounced Neh- Har).


I own a luxury wedding planning business called Spot on Event and have been planning weddings around the world for the last 18 years. Mauritius, Fiji, Dubai, LA, and India have all been my favourite.


But I want to do more than just build my brand. I want to help people like you live the dream too! ​


Whether you have watched The Wedding Planner movie again and again or not.

If you want to learn wedding planning or you want to turn your passion into a full-time career, from someone who has been there and done it more than 100 times over while growing a business that speaks for itself, I'd love to hear from you! 


Click here to see how we can work together and life will never be the same again.

Learn The Skills That Make The Difference

As a business owner I know how difficult it is to build a brand that instantly connects. No qualification teaches you how, which is why learning from someone who has already done it is always the best approach. 

As a consultant and mentor in the luxury wedding industry I want to support you aspiring to be part of the high end market, planning weddings that we often see in the magazines.

To make it happen I've created memberships that work as well as a course that's about just one thing: YOUR GROWTH.

By focusing on exactly what you need, and nothing more, we will put you in control of your business like never before. 

It's about making sales, marketing your business, and launching a brand that instantly stands out for all the right reasons TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

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